Martin Løken

Elverum, Norway


“Bringing the planet into the next era. An era of green and eternal prosperity.”

On first steps

“Getting out of one’s comfort zone is the single most important tool for people who aspire to make the world a better place. People have for centuries made fun of the ideas that challenge the mainstream. And again and again, those people, when resilient, have proved to change the world to the better.”


green politician, hitchhiking expert and great inspiration

I´ve met Martin in a rooftop bar on Khao San Road in Bangkok in 2011. We became friends right away. Shared exciting ideas and awesome adventures since and deepened our friendship as the years dragged on. We started this journey together and hitchhiked together from Vienna to the Canary Islands. Without Martin Thousand First Steps would not exist in that way.

3 things to write me to convince me of a world trip

This is how the story began. A certain message from a dear friend of Norway has been the very first step of this adventure. October 27th 2015.

Hey Jakob,

as far as I know, we only live once, and gotta seize it all! And what we make out of this life is entirely up to ourselves. Now, enough live-your-life-slogans: my crazy idea is to leave everything behind for a year to circumnavigate the world over land and sea.

First: Create a vision
It includes getting lost in a ton of different places, to have parties in a hundred different clubs and bars, befriend a ton of people, to charm a lot of women, to learn a lot about oneself, to discover the most fantastic rain forests and highest mountains, or to make it simple: to rule the world! ?

I have no specific plan, and that is the beauty: to go without a schedule, without a camera crew that requires you to make entertainment; instead embracing the idea of travelling on a budget like vagabonds, and interact with people like kings.

Second: Draft an adventure
I imagine travelling slowly westwards; hitchhiking to Portugal and getting on a ship as crew members, hitching over the sea. Imagine arriving the shore of the Caribbean and to explore the lands. It would be an adventure more fun and epic than a thousand generations before and after could make up for. It would be a way to grow into a human social superskilled kinda adventure person.

If I do this – I will leave a lot of stuff at home, and of course a lot of possibilities, but I have realized I leave this amazing possibility for every week I don’t go.
And I feel confident that I will grow from this, and that I will succeed rebuilding my life when I get home again. After all – there’s nothing incredible will power could not fix!

Third: Make me feel special
And I can imagine no one better to travel with in this way than a certain Austrian friend of mine.?
Call me a little crazy – ’cause I am! ? Would just be cool to hear where you are in your life, regarding this. Does these thoughts resemble with any part of you? If not within the coming year, would you ever dream of completing such a trip?

Looking forward to hear from you, man!

Your friend, Martin

The five most important things about hitchhiking

Martin has hitchhiked several times through Europe. He´s sharing his knowledge in hitchhiking-seminars in Norway. And here with us.

1. Love people

There is no more social way of traveling. If you want to hitchhike you’d better love people, or chances are you won’t enjoy it much. Everyone has something to teach you, if you are open to it. Some people are even amazing. People rejecting you are seldom evil, they are mostly just afraid. Be an example to humankind, believe in the good of other people.

2. Become a master of logistics

Start picturing the traffic flow of cars. City traffic is pulsating in specific patterns. To make it easy to get a ride: hitchhike from a city towards the mountains on a Friday, and go back on a Sunday. Avoid hitch hiking Saturday nights. Looking for cars with lonely drivers and plenty of space? Work hours, both early and late, does the trick.

3. Use your instincts

You don’t get the vibes from the first seconds? Or even worse, getting bad vibes? Make an excuse and continue. Any excuse will do. A gentle version of the truth usually works just as well.

4. Detach from the outcome

Leave ideas of time tables and fixed appointments with tight schedules. The best hitch hiking experiences I ever had was when I completely let go of time and space.

5. Just do it

Experience beats reading about it – a thousand times. Do you have a gas station nearby? Go and ask someone to give you a lift. You might end up on your way for a day trip to places you didn’t even know existed.

Check out Martin´s Instagram profile WEPICKUPHITCHHIKERS featuring all the friendly people who are giving him lifts in their cars.

Connect with Martin on facebook.

Find more informations about worldwide hitchhiking at

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