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a journey to the beauty of humanity

I traveled the world for 14 months to find answers. I allowed the world to be my school and life itself my teacher. I took classes such as hitchhiking from Vienna to America, crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat, living with a Shaman in the Amazon rainforest in Perú, running up the highest volcano of Maui or meditating for hours in a Zen monastery in India.

Thousand First Steps is my heart project.

You can find uncommon adventures here as well as stories of people from all around the globe with grand visions of a better world. I call them the Footprints of Thousand First Steps. Meet them. Let them inspire you. There goals are different, yet they all have two things in common:
1) they took the first steps necessary to make their dreams become a reality
2) their spirit inspires in a highly contagious manner.

Here’s to seeking adventures, embracing the challenges, growing from the discomfort and loving life.
Here’s to creating ourselves.

Jakob Horvat traveling the world

Jakob Horvat

journalist, philantropist, traveler, dreamer

Passionate about traveling, people and stories. Austrian TV-journalist. Founded Thousand First Steps to try something different. Hitchhiked from Vienna to America. Seeking adventures, good news and a better version of himself. Sports addict and music enthusiast. Works on a pro level in mindfucking. Believes in the force of inspiration, passionate kisses and fruit gums.

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