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Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. Every single idea, every vision, every dream which becomes a reality starts with a first step. And every time we leave our comfort zones to explore the unknown, we take that first step.

Thousand First Steps on stage

I’m happy to announce, that I’ll be speaking at Reise-Inspirationen, Austria’s inspiring travel fair from February 20th till 22nd in Vienna’s Museumsquartier. I’ll give stage talks each evening at around 6PM to share some of my adventures with you as well as lessons I’ve learned. I’ll talk about my understanding of traveling and how it became the most precious way to improve myself.

Free entry. See you there 😀

Get started: 12 ideas on first steps

In this inspirational manual I’ve collected one idea on first steps for each month I traveled the world. With quotes I’ve collected along the way – from everlasting geniuses, high-class performers, and other people like you and me. With lessons I’ve learned and take-aways from the many conversations I’ve had. With helpful links and many tools you need to get started to make your wildest dreams come true.

latest footprints

Those, who take their first steps to realize something big are leaving footprints worth a closer look. I´ll find some of them while traveling the world and learn about their visions, their challenges, their first steps. And tell their stories here to inspire you to take your own.

Elisa Nyassom – creates healthy skincare and teaches organic ways of living

Being raised in the local communities of Cameroon, Elisa created her deep connection to nature at an early stage. After her mother died, this connection lead to a deep understanding and a grand vision. To create and sell healthy skincare and use this money to feed the poor by teaching them organic ways of living. A story that inspires to shoot for the stars.

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latest blog articles

This journey is a huge step into the unknown for myself. And many more first steps will follow during my 14 months world trip. They will make me experience a broad spectrum of emotions. Facing fears, approaching challenges and laughing with strangers can be a valuable source of inspiration too. At least it makes for good stories.

Back in the Comfort Zone – A Christmas story

Christmas 2016, one year ago. I laid in my sleeping bag under a self-made shelter in the mountainous forests of northern Tenerife. It was cold and rain drops trickled through constantly. This year, I’m sitting on my mom’s couch, she just served me tea. My feet are wrapped in a warm blanket and the fireplace radiates warm air into the living room. I’m back in my comfort zone. I’m back at home.

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Country of wonders – How to lose your mind in India

Even though I had already traveled for a year in various countries at the time of my arrival, India felt like a different world to me. Get some impressions from the hectic and dirty streets of New Delhi, the holy Ganges River in Varanasi, a well delayed night-train and the Taj Mahal in Agra. One doesn’t return from India as the same person as before, they say. They are right, I’d say.

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Deforestation in Borneo – Impressions from a traveler

I couldn’t leave Indonesia without sharing this. As I traveled through Borneo for two weeks, I witnessed the destruction of nature front row. I smelled the burning forests, heard the screaming chainsaws and got stuck in traffic jams of palm oil trucks. Things are much worse than I expected. Is there an answer?

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Get some impressions from the hectic and dirty streets in New Delhi, the holy Ganges River in Varanasi, a well delayed night-train and the Taj Mahal in Agra. One doesn’t return from India as the same person as before, they say. They are right, I’d say.

I was spending some of the last days of my journey in an Ashram in South India, focussed on Yoga and meditation. One evening, I found myself on the temple stage telling the story about my first sea voyage from Portugal to Tenerife. 7 days that included some of the lowest and highest emotions I’ve ever felt and maybe the most important lesson of my journey.

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