“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.”
Joseph Campbell

Country of wonders How to lose your mind in India

December 15th 2017. Even though I had already traveled for a year in various countries at the time of my arrival, India felt like a different world to me. Get some impressions from the hectic and dirty streets of New Delhi, the holy Ganges River in Varanasi, a well delayed night-train and the Taj Mahal in Agra. One doesn’t return from India as the same person as before, they say. They are right, I’d say.

Inspirational storytelling Sivananda Ashram, Madurai/India

December 9th 2017. I was spending some of the last days of my journey in an Ashram in South India, focussed on Yoga and meditation. One evening, I found myself on the temple stage telling the story about my first sea voyage from Portugal to Tenerife. 7 days that included some of the lowest and highest emotions I’ve ever felt and maybe the most important lesson of my journey.

Deforestation in Borneo Impressions from a traveler

October 31st 2017. I couldn’t leave Indonesia without sharing this. As I traveled through Borneo for two weeks, I witnessed the destruction of nature front row. I smelled the burning forests, heard the screaming chainsaws and got stuck in traffic jams of palm oil trucks. Things are much worse than I expected. Is there an answer?

Borneo Slow Travel The spicy way of backpacking Indonesia

October 29th 2017. Traveling Kalimantan was quite a challenge. The locals in the Indonesian part of Borneo are curious and incredibly friendly, but hardly anybody speaks English. Not in travel agencies, nor in guesthouses. In eight days we haven’t seen any other foreigners. Join Stefan Tesch​ and Jakob Horvat​ on racing busses, dirty boats and for hikes in the jungle.

Lost in paradise 6 days on Kauai and the Napali Coast Trail

September 26th 2017. My trip to Kauai was a great gift I gave to myself. I felt the need to disconnect from the world for a couple of days and go on an adventure all alone. What unfolded within the next couple of days, was a date with nature and its mind blowing beauty. I found inner peace by being in the moment and embracing life in its purest and simplest way. I got lost on the Napali Coast Trail and got to know fear on a new level.

Haleakalā volcano The run to the sun

September 9th 2017. I ran my first ultra-marathon. 56 kilometers, 3.000 meters of elevation and 9,5 hours up the Haleakalā volcano, the highest peak of Maui, Hawaii. It appeared insane to me. I could not imagine how I should be capable of achieving such a thing. And yet I was drawn to the idea. The last 20 minutes I cried, overwhelmed by emotions, extreme exhaustion and pumping adrenaline. On the summit, I sat down and recorded a video to share this message with you.

The Amazon part 1 Welcome to the jungle

July 9th 2017. A cargo boat takes four days and four nights from Pantoja – right after the border to Ecuador – to Iquitos, Amazonia’s capital in Perú. The only connection to the outside world for the Indigenous residents here. They travel with their cows, pigs and chickens. I was the only Gringo on bord.

The Amazon part 2 Into the wild

July 9th 2017. The Amazon rainforest blew my mind. Its spectacular abundance, both its fascinating and scary fauna and its sheer vastness opened the doors for me to enter and explore. Join me on a 4-day-ride through the deep jungle.

Ramiro says “Gracias!” Crowdfunding-Campaign

August 10th 2017. Ever seen real gratitude expressed by a man, who dedicated his whole life to helping others? We raised 2.100€ of funds for Ramiro Cardona and his elderly home for homeless people in Chinchiná / Colombia. When we told him about this crowdfunding-campaign, Ramiro was so overwhelmed, that it took him a couple of days until he was able to find the right words. Then he sent this video.

Galápagos Islands 7 days in wonderland

June 19th 2017. World famous for their abundance of unique species – both in flora and fauna – Galápagos Islands are a paradise of an extraordinary kind. Humans and animals seem to share their environment in perfect harmony – one has never learned to fear the other. The abundance of nature made me speechless. The pictures speak for itself anyway.

We raise the fund for Don Ramiro Crowdfunding for an elderly home in Colombia

June 9th 2017. Ramiro Cardona is a person of a rare kind. He has dedicated his whole life caring for other people. Ramiro founded his elderly home 36 years ago and started picking up homeless people from the street to care for them. Today, Ramiro is 66, has health issues and needs our help. Thousand First Steps organized a crowdfunding campaign for Ramiro Cardona and raised 2.100 € of funds from 39 donors.

One day with Noah Debonis Producing a documentary about the FARC in Colombia

May 11th 2017. “Believing in yourself can be scary. Believing in your project can be scary. Taking these first steps to make that a reality can be terrifying. But once you cross the treshold of the doubt in your mind that momentum keeps carrying you until that idea becomes a reality.”

Noah Debonis, footprint of Thousand First Steps

Anniversary 6 months on the road

May 10th 2017. So far, so good. I’ve traveled 6.500 kilometer by land, 5.800 by sea and 2.900 by plane. I surfed 15 couches and slept in 19 hostel beds, 5 hammocks, 3 tents and 2 AirBnBs. I spent 43 nights on 3 boats, 8 nights in an occupied house and 3 in the forest. And I stopped counting the times I repacked my backpack.

The grand odyssey In three weeks across the Atlantic Ocean

Feb 28th 2017. The last chapter of hitchhiking from Vienna to America, was crossing that Atlantic. A sailing catamaran of 13 meters it was. Here are some short impressions. Read the full article here.

A pleasant ride with Regis Hitchhiking from Vienna to America

November 22nd 2017. As I hitchhiked through Europe, I met loads of caring, kind and interesting people. Regis is one of them. He took us all the way from a toll station close to Arles to Perpignan close to the Spanish border. He even invited us to his home for lunch. This is a beautiful example of how quickly strangers can become friends when they open up to each other.

Praising the hitchhiker’s temple On a remote roundabout in Spain

November 22nd 2017. On the hardest hitchhiking day of the journey so far we got lost on a remote roundabout close to Tarragona in eastern Spain. We attracted some attention as we climbed an iglo made of stones which looked like they´ve built it for lost hitchhikers. We make our own world, don´t we?

Benjamin Danzmayr Hello Sailor

November 8th 2017. My dear friend Benjamin wrote a song for me. He called it “Hello Sailor” and played it on my farewell party in November 2016. Not that often has a man touched my heart so profoundly.

Thousand First Steps A journey to the beauty of humanity

October 12th 2017. All around the globe there are people doing amazing things. They have a vision about how to make the world a better place and the ambition to follow it. Whatever their goals might be, they have one thing in common: Their spirit inspires others. My mission is to meet those people while traveling the world and tell their stories. To discover what their first steps have been, what we can learn from their footprints. To get inspired to bring our own dreams closer to reality.

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