12 ideas on first steps or “How to make your wildest dreams come true”

One idea for each month I traveled around the world. With inputs from books I’ve read and listened to. With quotes I’ve collected along the way – from everlasting geniuses, high-class performers, and other people like you and me. With lessons I’ve learned and take-aways from the many conversations I’ve had. Over the course of 12 months, I’ve collected ideas that worked for me – they have been well proven on my own journey and by people I’ve encountered. With helpful links, book recommendations, a list of inspiring audiobooks and and all the tools you need to get started.

A video, that makes you hold your breath, form new thoughts and believe in new ideas on life? There are many of them. Here is a small selection.

Many people out there make smart observations, have exciting thoughts and tell us about uplifting insights. Let’s learn from them!

Here are some of my favorite books on traveling, writing and personal growth. Great resources about how to make ideas become first steps.

Don't let ideas die in your head!

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