Christian Robinson

Medellín, Colombia


„I can’t fix the world, but I can make it smaller, more accessible and more understanding by sharing the gift of communication. By teaching people Spanish, one-at-a-time, our students open their doors to 400 million people they couldn’t communicate with before. That’s a beautiful thing.“

On first steps

„Find your inspiration. Confirm your inspiration. Create a plan to follow your inspiration. And, finally: Follow the hell out of that inspiration and soon you will find yourself spreading that love.“


Spanish school owner & ex-Hollywood-producer

Mastering the Spanish language is one of my main goals on this trip. It was Christian’s „Blink Spanish Immersion School“ in Medellín that instantly attracted my attention on the web. Once I was there, I realized, that I was one of his first students, Christian has just opened the school. The better I got to know him, the clearer the picture became. This guy wants to realize more than just building up a language school. He wants to connect people and cultures – and has a rather impressive story about passion and dream jobs to tell.

„I fell for the stereotype of violence, drugs and danger“,

the 36-year-old tells about his first approach to Medellín one year ago. „I experienced everything on the surface, like a tourist who is traveling superficially not being interested in the people and their culture. I started to feel guilty and wanted to travel deeper.“ Christian signed up for a Spanish school and changed his plans. What should have been a short trip of two days turned into a stay of six weeks. „That process absolutely changed my mind!“

„Learning a language makes us able to swim in a culture instead of drifting in a turbo.“


Christian Robinson wanted to share his experience with language with other people and founded his „Blink Spanish Immersion School & Hostel“ in March 2017.

„If you master a language the reward is personal, the memories are personal, the way you communicate with a culture is personal. That strengthens the relationship with yourself and the world.“

This applies especially for Colombia as I have learned from my own experiences. Even with some basic Spanish skills I could already get so much more appreciation from the locals. They value the fact if one is trying to speak their language and reward them with open hearts, smiles and friendly attitudes. When the basics become more profound, a whole different world opens up. Or as Dag, student at Blink from the United States puts it: „I am interested in traveling to Choco, one of the poorest and most dangerous regions in Colombia. I want to explore a different face of Colombia. I would not go there if I wasn’t confident with speaking the language. Nobody speaks English there, I could not connect with the people in any way. That’s one of the main reasons why I want to learn Spanish.“

„I got tired of Hollywood!“

Making 250.000 US-Dollar a year and having connections to the Who-Is-Who of the world’s biggest film industry doesn’t sound like a job too many people would quit. Christian did: „Los Angeles is a city of sharks, it’s all about money. People would sell their souls if they can make a successful TV-show out of it. I got bored of that process and became guilty of being part of it, so I wanted to do something else that affects people in a more positive way.“

The Hollywood life

After Christian dropped out of college in Salt Lake City, Utah, he produced his first movie, a documentary about traveling in Europe. At the age of 21 he founded a publishing company in Los Angeles together with two partners. „One day I got a random phone call from a friend in the production business who is working with ‚special clients’, as he called them. Shortly afterwards a chauffeur picked me up and brought me to Santa Barbara. I didn’t believe my eyes when suddenly I was standing in front of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. I was just about to meet the most famous person on the planet.“

Christian worked for Michael Jackson for two years

„Between the age of 21 and 24 I was producing visual content, press kits and helped with one of his charity productions after 9/11. I interviewed Celine Dion and other big names for Michael’s passion project“, Christian gives an idea of what his job was about. But when Michael Jackson was accused of child abuse and went to court, Christian lost his job from one day to another. „I have never seen him again. That was the kickoff for my career in Hollywood though“, he continues the story. „I got an offer in a company that produces reality shows. In the first years I was a kid who didn’t no much about the business, but I progressed fast and six years later I became the vice president of the company. Suddenly I was one of the higher men in the field, meeting a lot of people in the Hollywood scene. I had a really comfortable life.“

A life that didn’t satisfy him anymore

„I was making pointless TV-shows, useless entertainment that is melting the minds of Americans. The last show I produced was for a rapper named “Tyga” who basically represents Americas obsession with wealth. That was when I realized I was not giving the planet anything it benefits from.“ So Christian quit his job, started traveling and left Los Angeles in 2016. He searched for a new challenge and found it in building up his school in Colombia. „I can’t imagine a bigger challenge for myself as to start a company in a foreign country where people don’t speak my language.“

„I feel sad for people who have dreams but are stuck in jobs which don’t satisfy them just for being able to pay their bills, their taxes, their loans. It’s a machine that is really hard go get out of.“


How to get out of the machine?

Not everybody has the opportunity to do what he or she wants, indeed. But many people do have, yet they are paralyzed by their fears, mostly due to financial reasons. That keeps them from following their dreams. Christian has a message for those who want to break free: „Live minimalistically with a bigger plan in mind. Instead of the more expensive car, buy the older one. Live in the cheaper apartment. Stop buying stuff you don’t need. Get rid of liabilities and build a system that allows you to save money and eventually do what you really want. You can be so much happier if you do what you love instead of just working to pay the bills.“

Christian loves what he is doing here

After eight days in his school I left for a couple of days to explore the region – and came back for another eleven days. Too great was the progress I made, too lovely was the atmosphere. It’s the vibes you get when somebody’s work is personally motivated by passion and not foremost externally by money. Christian’s concept is innovative, his slogan „Spanish Immersion Experience“ reflects the mission. Learning feels like fun rather than work. Catalina taught Spanish at the university and is now working full time for Christian as one of his seven employees: „The connection between teacher and students is very personal. We can even practice by talking about personal issues in classes with maximum five people. At university we had up to forty. What a big difference.“

Two students and teacher Emanuel – that makes for a rather personal learning experience.
Two students and teacher Emanuel – that makes for a rather personal learning experience.
The walls are filled with Spanish rules and vocabulary.

“With this business I have built up a family of employees here.”

“I share my success with them.“ Christian’s good intention behind the business makes for a happy staff. Emanuel was my teacher for two weeks, he confirms: „The more money the school earns, the more money we employees earn. We grow with the school and that’s a big motivation for us. I really love my job here.“

Learning during the week, party on the weekend. Open house on Saturday. (Teacher Catalina third from right)

Improving my Spanish increases the quality of my journey

Suddenly I could not just order food from the woman on the street but could also make jokes with her and learn more about her life. I met a cute girl on the bus starting a conversation in Spanish with her. Not too bad, apparently – she gave me her number. All of a sudden I was able to ask a man in one of Medellín’s poorest districts how life is and understood his answer. It was Christian Robinson who opened this world for me by following his dream to share language and connect people. Buen trabajo, amigo!

Find Christian’s “Blink Spanish School” on facebook and on his website.

7 things I learned from Hollywood

1. Human connections are everything
I met more sincere people in two months in my last backpacking trip than I did in fourteen years living in LA.

2. Be yourself, always
To me the most dangerous disease (for the soul) is assimilation. The city is full of plastic women, smooth talkers, and insincerity. It’s a place where everyone is following a dream but most people forget who they are in the process.

3. Everybody shits
Yep, it’s hard for me to admit, but girls poop and so do celebrities. The celebrities the world idolizes are just like you and I, but if you’re reading this your life might actually be more exciting and fulfilling than theirs.

4. Dreams do come true
But they’re never quite like you dreamed them to be.

5. Social media can be dangerous
I was on the forefront of creating content that caters to the new generation of Instagram and social media worshipers. An entire culture of watchers who are slowly losing their ability to think for themselves. Following and liking are fine, just don’t forget to ‚DO’.

6. Competition works
Hollywood is full of dreamers, and many of them who work very hard. What isn’t bought with trust funds is bought with hard work, crazy hard work. This competition makes the businesses and artists better, tougher, and a little more crazy.

7. Storytelling is a beautiful thing
You don’t have to make TV shows or films, or be famous to share your stories. Your stories are just as important! Live everyday with the intention to leave behind great stories!

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